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Staffel News

07 May 2020

Welcome, JaMz

We're pleased to announce that JaMz has now joined the Staffel and will be taking over the number 2 machine with immediate effect. Welcome and good hunting! S!

04 Jul 2019

The Staffel expands

It's our pleasure to announce that we have a new member. Boo is a longstanding friend of 9./JG52 and he's finally decided to throw his lot in with ours. He'll be a valuable addition to our mob and is now taking Yellow 12 with immediate effect. S!

17 Jun 2019

9./JG52 transfers to the Eastern Front

As things are quiet on the Western front 9./JG52 has now officially commenced operations in the East. Life will be difficult while we learn a new planeset and a new theatre but we hope to bring a formiddable presence to BoX in the near future!

Anyone interesting in flying with or joining us should register and say hello over at our forums. S!

08 Jan 2019

TWC Campaign completed

After a hard-fought campaign, its been resolved with a red victory. After the reds taking a huge early lead, tenacious blue forces eventually managed to reduce the massive points deficit but ultimately still lost out to a large and well coordinated bombing campaign. In the absence of any regular blue bomber force 9./JG52 took the mantle and engaged in regular strikes with our own staffel members both escorting and flying 110s and 88s. Salute!

25 Sep 2018

Welcome home

Firstly, welcome to the new staffel homepage. There are still a few rough edges and things may yet change around a little, but hopefully this will now serve as our "shop front" to the world and be something that can grow and be built upon.

In other exciting news, On 1st October a new 3-month-long Cliffs of Dover campaign commences, hosted by our friends TWC. Anyone interested in participating should sign up at their website, https://twcclan.com. Do take note, like any exclusive venue if your name's not on the list, you're not getting in. This is the first enduring campaign that the Cliffs community has seen since the demise of Storm of War nearly two years ago, so expect to see plenty of interest!